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Considering there may not be a better title for this first posting than the super original “Hello World” by WordPress here we go…

Days planning for this, to end doing it just spontaneously, almost nothing as planned: just one thing remains; this was always supposed to be about food. Food and me, food and you: those who are now invited to share some of my food stories and those who have the chance to try what I cook, cooked or will ever cook and, through it become part of this remake of my life through my cooking and eating adventures. This is about food, but not only about cooking and sharing some recipes, it is also about how food became important to me and how it has influenced my life.

Obviously, this is also about writing – something that used to be my passion in a previous life – and enjoying sharing what I write. So that I can really enjoy it, I have to set some rules that readers may not change:

  1. As spontaneous as this is, you may find typos, grammar errors, awkward wording, but always remember this is about food.
  2. I will try to make this simple: I may correct after posting but will not restrain my posts to perfectly written pieces, as in that case I may never post at all.
  3. As I go this will be taking shape, so I will think about it later. Right now I just have the impulse to write, and I want to follow it without restrictions, so again…

Hello World!!!


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